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Interview with Emerald Ambassador Jennifer Troyer

July 11, 2015

Rock The Pink LIVE – Recap

Interview with Emerald Ambassador Jennifer Troyer


Last night we interviewed Jennifer Troyer about her experience with Plexus and how she worked her way all the way up to Emerald!  She is a wife, mother of 4 children and also 2 “fur babies”.  She is also a full time school counselor.  Her journey started in 2013 when her sister-in-law told her about Plexus and how it might help her lose weight.

For Jen, she acknowledge that her success comes from being consistent and focused.  Jen talked about the book “The Slight Edge”.  “The Slight Edge” is a book about the concept that success comes through consistent action over time.

Watch this awesome video to hear more about Jen’s journey to great success in Plexus, and her tips on the Plexus business.


Manbassador Monday with Erik Paul and Special Guest Chris McColl – Recap!

Manbassador Monday with Chris Mccoll


This live video was a chat with Chris Mccoll about his experiences with the Plexus business!  He started out with knowing nothing about Network Marketing skills, nor did he know much about technology.  He expresses how amazing Plexus is.  It all started when his wife came home from the gym and wanted to quit her Dr. Pepper habit and told him he needed to try it!  The products have helped with his help and his wife also quit the Dr. Pepper habit.

Chris did not believe that anyone made money off of network marketing, but his mouth dropped as soon as he saw his first check!  All he and his wife were doing was telling people to go to their site and order!  As he started to check all his overall health, he noticed positive things.. and his doctor told him to take Plexus long as Plexus makes the products!  As a guy he never felt it was for him at the beginning, but he’s realized it’s just as much for men as it is women!

Chris doesn’t like to always talk about the perks.  For Chris, the thing that drives him is the love of the people.  He LOVES the amount of friends and people that he also has met. He wants people to stop and realize what Plexus can do.  He’s so happy to be able to say he doesn’t have a boss.  For Chris, Plexus is a thing where you can do what you want, how you want, and enjoy it!