Getting Familiar with Plexus



1.1 Your Plexus Website, Ambassador ID and Password
    When you signed up as a Plexus Ambassador, you chose an prefix, or "​username" for your Plexus replicated website. A username can be anything you want. Most people choose to use their own name. Here is an example of what a new Plexus website will appear as: This website is where you will send customers and new ambassadors that you sponsor to complete their orders. Your Ambassador ID is assigned to you when you join Plexus. You should include your Ambassador ID, and your Plexus website address on your business cards. Your password, is something that you chose when you signed up as a Plexus Ambassador. You will use your password, along with your Plexus Ambassador ID number every time that you log in to your Plexus back office. You should not share your password with anyone. If you have trouble logging in to your Plexus back office, or you cannot remember your website or ID, you can contact Plexus Customer Service for assistance at (480)998-3490.

1.2 Review the Healthy Start page of this website.

1.3 Plexus Products Video
    ​Become familiar with the Plexus line of products.
    *Important Note - Plexus Fast Relief from the Sea, and Fast Relief Cream have been re-named "Plexus Ease".*

1.4 Plexus Website Overview
   This is a video overview of your Plexus Website.

1.5 My Plexus Builder
   Now that you have viewed the Plexus Website Overview video, you should log in to your Plexus replicated website, and set up your "My Plexus Builder". This is an exciting tool that will help you build your business online and is included in your $34.95 per year business cost. Use it!
1.6 Plexus Compensation Plan Training Video
   Michelle Thomas explains how you get paid with Plexus!

1.7 Get Connected With Your Plexus Team.
    a. (For Members of Tim and Michelle Thomas' downline organization only) If you have not already been added to the Rock the Pink Facebook team page, you should request to be added. Do this by asking your immediate upline to add you. If you are not added immediately,  send a friend request to Tim or Michelle Thomas on Facebook (click on our names to be directed to our facebook profile pages), and once your friendship request is accepted, you can send a private message requesting to be added to the page.
    b. Be a Part of Atleast 1 Team Event Every Week 
     b.1. Subscribe to Every Monday night at 9 PM EST, there is a live training and interview with Plexus Ambassadors that you can watch. They are recorded, so if you are unable to watch the live broadcast, you can watch later.
     b.2. Listen to the Plexus Power Team call with Diamond Ambassadors Sonya Dudley, and Helen McFadden at 10 PM EST. Call 857-232-0476, and use Access Code 933316.
***Note*** If you are not a member of Tim or Michelle Thomas' Plexus organization (aka "Rock the Pink"), but you are just here for training, you likely have a similar team page that you should get connected with. Ask your sponsoring Plexus Ambassador for details.
1.8 Join the Plexus Ambassador Only Testimonial Facebook Group Page
    ​Ask your Plexus Sponsor to add you to the Facebook Ambassador only testimonial group. If you are not added, send a Facebook friend request to Tim or Michelle Thomas (click on our names to be directed to our facebook profile pages), and once accepted, request to be added to the group.